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Threat assessment, evaluation, training for all types of organizations.

With our staff that is highly experienced with law enforcement and organized security strategizing, we have the ability to help your organization determine any of your security vulnerabilities and provide a profession solution.

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Is Your Organization Properly Prepared for Security Threats?

We’ve been in the business of security, protection, and law enforcement a long time…and through all of our experiences we have developed a strong understanding of the importance and proper procedures of corporate security. For these reasons, VP Protection is thoroughly qualified to provide private security consulting, threat assessment, and training throughout the nation. We offer a wide array of security consulting services that are focused on the assessment of security risks, and strategies in personal and public protection. Our acutely trained security consultants are available to analyze your facility and operation, and follow up with a detailed assessment report that will educate you on the advisable steps to take in order to maximize your organization’s security.

VP Protection Will Help Your Organization With:

Threat / vulnerability assessment
Awareness of risk levels
Review and development of policies & procedures
Security audits
Tactical training
Master planning
Readiness for acts of terror or workplace violence
Security program evaluations
Physical analysis of facility’s security strengths and vulnerabilities
Equipment recommendations
Recommended security procedures and appropriate training manuals

law enforcement tactical training

In addition to the above, we also provide training classes and lesson plans created and instructed by our law enforcement staff, with backgrounds in SWAT, Homicide, and Gang units. Available to individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, etc.

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